Serena Scionti Photographer

Serena Scionti was born in Taurianova, (RC) in 1984. Under her father’s influence, she begins to use his creativity in photography, making of her hobby a job. She works with models, actors, artists and ordinary people. She belives that the camera lens does not have to choose what to capture, but can only listen to the suggestions of what it portrays. For this reason her technique is leding by the subjects and details, by the desire expressed by a movement, taking snapshots that are both frozen stories and extended moments in an infinite movement. Some of her most intense and personal works were realized in the places of her childhood. Her works has been presented in several roman collective, and she receveid proposals for two personal exhibitions. She takes care of everything: the idea and the arrangement of the setting, of clothes and makeup. Everything follows the visions of her mind. She attended the prestigious Roman School of Photography in Rome, studying some of the most important photographers of the century such as Billy Brandt, Francesca Woodman, Jan Saudek, Edgar Degas, Man Ray, Robert Doisneau, Robert and Shana, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Mapplerthorpe, David Lachapelle. More over she specialized in analog photography, from the shooting to the development of the film in darkroom.

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